Watch Hilarious Moment St. Bernard Puppy Training Goes Wrong: ‘The Trauma’

Watch Hilarious Moment St. Bernard Puppy Training Goes Wrong: ‘The Trauma’

Thousands and thousands have viewed a pet owner’s makeshift ploy to prevent his St. Bernard from jumping on kitchen worktops go incorrect.

A viral clip shared by @matlefty reveals Morrie the dog eyeing a bone that he cannot resist on a kitchen counter but you can find a catch. The bone has cans tied to it that happen to get caught close to Morrie’s neck prompting him to go into a frenzy.

Morrie can be witnessed scrambling all around the kitchen even though earning a racket as he makes an attempt to get them off his neck.

The video clip has racked up more than 848,000 likes and 6.5 million views considering that it was posted on January 17. Having said that, some TikTokers have questioned the process and recommended it is traumatic for the canine.

His operator, Mat, has responded, stating: “Morrie is undoubtedly not traumatized. In truth, probably a lot more curious about countertop.”

Two screenshots from the viral video that clearly show Morrie, the pet dog, trying to get a bone from a countertop.

How To End Your Pet dog From Jumping on Counters

Some doggy owners may know particularly what Mat and his lover are going through with puppies that also “counter surf.” This normally employed phrase refers to canine leaping on to counters to get to food stuff.

The Spruce Pets, a vet-reviewed pet resource, has shared four ideas to reduce this from taking place:

  1. Preserve counters completely obvious of food stuff and other objects. Some canine might soar up with the target of thieving something they can get their paws on.
  2. Teach your doggy to preserve its paws firmly on the floor. You can do this by throwing treats on the flooring each time they will not bounce on the counter. This way your dog will know the rewards are on the flooring, not the counter.
  3. Educate your dog the “depart it” command to be certain it will not leap up if anyone unintentionally leaves foodstuff on the side.
  4. If none of the above operate, contact a pet trainer to assist you determine out an effective technique that will stop your canine from jumping up.

What Do the Reviews Say?

There looks to be a frequent concept in the reviews on the movie as the phrase “trauma” is talked about on extra than a person celebration.

“Why prepare when you can traumatize” asked a single man or woman whose remark obtained 37,900 likes.

A different mentioned: “My mothers and fathers also took the trauma method to parenting.”

“No which is really a excellent plan,” countered a person TikToker.

“I come to feel lousy for laughing,” stated a further, whose remark received above 18,000 likes.

“To the men and women chatting about trauma certainly you have by no means had a huge pet dog, that is trauma,” was a person response.

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