VIDEO: Owners 5 minute errand leaves cat heartbroken | Christopher Shanks

VIDEO: Owners 5 minute errand leaves cat heartbroken | Christopher Shanks

The internet has lately been abuzz with a viral clip of a cat who just can’t stand to be still left by yourself for even a couple of minutes, offering a heartbreaking glimpse into how cats may perhaps endure from loneliness devoid of their house owners.

Two screenshots of Mauri, 8, who appears to be lost without the need of his owner, Heli Montonen, 32.Photo byScreenshots from Heli Montonen/TikTok/Mauricandcucumbers

But is getting still left by yourself truly demanding for cats? Let’s just take a glance at what industry experts are indicating.

The Viral Clip

The clip in query was taken by Heli Montonen, 32, and exhibits her 8-year-previous cat Mauri pacing up and down a corridor even though excessively meowing. Montonen explains that Mauri has generally been the middle of consideration and enjoys to be in her company, so it’s no shock he was distressed when she remaining for just a number of minutes.

The online video has since long gone viral and been viewed around 330,000 occasions, with many men and women expressing their unhappiness at Mauri’s plight. It has also sparked discussions about cats and loneliness, leading to the problem: Is getting remaining by yourself genuinely nerve-racking for cats?

video clip is underneath

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Gurus demonstrate that leaving an grownup cat for longer than 24 hours can be exceptionally annoying for the feline, as cats prosper from social interaction with their owners and currently being with no them can guide to separation nervousness and melancholy.

It’s the same with any other pet, of class, but cats may possibly categorical their loneliness in diverse approaches. Some cats may well become far more vocal, even though other people may perhaps come to be much more withdrawn or show indicators of destructive conduct. Currently being left by yourself for much too long can also guide to melancholy, which can manifest by itself in a variety of unique strategies.

What Can You Do To Enable Your Cat?

If you’re concerned about leaving your cat by itself for extended durations of time, there are a handful of items you can do to aid them.

Initial, make positive your cat is receiving loads of playtime and focus when you are house. Cats are pretty social animals, so paying high quality time with them is necessary. If achievable, try out to set up a every day routine for your cat, as routines can assistance reduce their stress.

Next, make guaranteed your cat has a great deal of pursuits to retain them occupied. Give them a good deal of toys to perform with and make absolutely sure they have access to a great deal of scratching posts, perches, and other interactive merchandise.

At last, think about investing in a companion for your cat. If you have the time and assets, getting a next cat can be a wonderful way to help preserve your cat enterprise when you are absent.


It is clear from the viral clip of Mauri that cats can suffer from loneliness when left by yourself for as well extensive. If you’re nervous about leaving your cat on your own for extended durations of time, there are a handful of things you can do to support them. Shell out high quality time with your cat when you are house, make guaranteed they have a good deal of things to do to keep them occupied, and contemplate investing in a companion for your cat.

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