Understanding Your Cat: 5 Types of Cats Personalities

Understanding Your Cat: 5 Types of Cats Personalities

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Even though various stereotypes go along with “cat people” vs. “dog people” (I’m absolutely sure a couple just popped into your head), there are also stereotypes about cat personalities and pet dog personalities. Though your canine may well excitedly greet you at the door as if you have been gone permanently with an enthusiastic tail wag, your cat may well barely accept your existence with a head nod as if to say, “What up?” and then casually continue on his wandering. Cats have a standing for remaining aloof and minimal-vital, but not all cats follow that stereotype.

Researchers in Australia and New Zealand performed a investigate analyze to decide if cats have distinct temperament types. If you are a cat owner, you most likely have some concept of where by your cat would land! Read through on to come across out all about knowledge your cat and the 5 varieties of cat personalities.

What did Researchers Find Out about Cat Personalities?

Scientists in Australia and New Zealand delivered an on the internet survey to cat entrepreneurs that represented a pool of 2,802 domestic cats. Owners rated their cats on a scale from “not at all” to “very much” on 52 distinct concerns. The concerns included factors like “friendly to other cats,” “greedy,” and “seems worried effortlessly.” Using the information from the study, researchers were being able to categorize the final results into one of five cat personalities.

The persona forms of cats mirror the identity features of individuals in numerous strategies. 1 purpose of the analysis was to support cat proprietors superior understand their cat’s persona varieties. This way, house owners can supply the very best dwelling and working experience for their animals. Entrepreneurs can “enhance the excellent of existence for their cats.”   

What are the 5 Sorts of Cat Personalities?

The 5 forms of cat personalities are termed the “Feline Five.” Every cat was scored on a 52-concern survey. The success illustrated behaviors primarily based on five distinctive characteristics. Go through by way of the individuality traits a do a speedy examination of your cat! There may be much more than one identity trait that your cat exudes, but there is likely a single that is most predominant.

  1. Extroverts
  2. Agreeable
  3. Impulsive
  4. Dominant
  5. Neurotic

What is an Extroverted Cat?

Domestic Cat, Autumn, Birman, Nature, Winter
Extroverted cats seem curious and alert.

©Liudmila Chernetska/Shutterstock.com

An extroverted cat is comparable to an extroverted man or woman. They seem to be energized by staying all-around other people today and/or other animals. They seem curious and inform. These are the cats that go from one particular activity to a further speedily, needing loads of stimulation. If people quit by, they might come out to examine vs. managing to cover under the bed. They may possibly intentionally look for out their co-pet if they reside in a multi-cat or multi-pet property. They might initiate participate in or just find a superior put to snuggle up to their furry close friend.   

What should really you do if you have an Extroverted Cat?

If you have an extroverted cat, you have to make sure they get a good deal of socialization. It’s most likely not difficult to give plenty of enjoy and consideration to these notice-trying to get cats. Scientists also suggest that you offer further stimulation like numerous toys and ordeals. They stimulate owners to give “additional stimulation and extra advanced environmental enrichment to stay clear of boredom.”

If you perform from home, you can established a timer to just take a crack and devote a couple minutes taking part in with your favored feline. Just about every break, shift to a distinctive area of your residence for selection. When you are away from dwelling, make interactive toys available, yet again putting diverse toys in different rooms of the home. Be guaranteed to swap out the toys and cat puzzles frequently. A single idea is to develop 4 shoe containers of toys and rotate a new box every 7 days, once in a while including new toys for wide variety. This really should give your extroverted cat the happiest doable house!

What is an Agreeable Cat?

nice cat
Agreeable cats are explained as “friendly” and are frequently therapeutic cats.


An agreeable cat is just that, agreeable and effortless to get alongside with. If your pals say, “Man, your cat is so chill!” then you know you have an agreeable cat. These kitties go with the move and really do not seem to brain sharing “their home” with other pets. They are explained as “friendly” and are usually therapeutic cats. This is the cat that individuals seem ahead to coming home to and cuddling with for an evening of Netflix. Cats that are in shelters and exhibit agreeable personalities are additional possible to be adopted (sensible). If people appear over, your cat could not come out proper absent like an extroverted cat, but they ordinarily will come to investigate and offer a “snuggle by” rub towards their leg with a delicate purr. A welcome greeting!

What should you do if you have an Agreeable Cat?

Agreeable cats are generally happy and suggest that you are performing an awesome position caring for your pet. Hold executing what you are doing! With an agreeable cat, you want to know that they nonetheless benefit from many toys and functions. So do not just retain anything the similar. Incorporate new toys regularly. Cats need stimulating interactions to keep their minds energetic and to stay healthier. So seize your telephone, report your kitty unboxing a new rollerball, and check out their reaction…very enjoyable!

What is an Impulsive Cat?

Funny red cat flying in the air in autumn
If you enjoy an impulsive cat at perform, you may well cringe at some of its acrobatics.


An impulsive cat is a cat that is explained as reckless and erratic. If you have a cat like this, you in all probability imagine it is a great thing cats have 9 lives! Even though quite a few cat owners have witnessed their cat in a crazed cat zoomie, an impulsive cat may possibly show severe zoomies! If you view an impulsive cat at engage in, you may well cringe at some of its acrobatics. You may well be absolutely sure that they will slide the subsequent time they consider to leap from the best of the fridge to the major of your pantry.

What must you do if you have an Impulsive Cat?

If you have an impulsive cat, you want to ensure they are not acting impulsively since they are stressed. Cats that are pressured, are bullied by other cats, do not have ample place to perform or are cooped up may act impulsively. If you imagine your cat is overstressed, be sure to look at with your vet. If your cat has lots of place and will get lots of interest, then it is probably just normally an impulsive form of cat. You might want to cat-proof your residence a little bit for protection. Verify for any unsafe circumstances your cat could get into. It may possibly also be safer to continue to keep your impulsive cat as an inside cat or restrict their outdoor time to a fenced-in location for protection.

What is a Dominant Cat?

If you have multiple cats, a single may well clearly present dominance about the other kinds.

©Anna Krivitskaya/Shutterstock.com

A dominant cat is the boss of the house…you bundled (at the very least that’s what they imagine!). If you have many cats, 1 could obviously show dominance above the other types. This may well come out as a cat that abruptly demands to take in as before long as 1 of the other people starts off and nudges them out of the way or the cat that starts off fighting with other cats…”What you hunting at?!?”…leading to a paw-swatting roll on the rug. This dominant behavior stems from behaviors you see in feral cats that stay in team configurations. The ladies usually get the job done alongside one another to elevate the young, but there is intense competition concerning the males, so dominance is a favourable trait applied in mating.

One particular software of awareness about these identity sorts is if you are contemplating obtaining extra than one cat, be certain to think about the temperament varieties of each individual cat so that you never build a situation in which one particular or extra of your cats is bullied.

What should you do if you have a Dominant Cat?

If you have a dominant cat, you may possibly want to decide to have a 1-cat domestic. The researchers of the Australia review concluded that there wants to be far more exploration completed to enable dominant cat entrepreneurs increase their cat’s welfare exclusively. If you now have several cats and one is currently being dominant to the issue that it is influencing the properly-getting of your other cats, discuss to your vet for ideas on serving to preserve the peace in your home.

What is a Neurotic Cat?

Longest Cats - Siberian Cat
On the spectrum of neuroticism, you may have a cat that is shy to a cat that is often anxious.

©Emil Helge/Shutterstock.com

The last Feline Five is the neurotic cat. Whilst a lot of individuals may well assume their cat is neurotic because they sleep in an Amazon box alternatively of the $50 fleece cat bed you received them, or they swat your wine glass off the coffee table when you go to use the lavatory, genuine neuroticism in cats looks different. On the spectrum of neuroticism, you might have a cat that is shy to a cat that is constantly anxious. This is the cat that can take off and hides underneath the bed when site visitors come in excess of vs casually looking at a customer and just maintaining walking…”I see you, not interested.” You can have a cat with a neurotic temperament that is nutritious and nicely-retained, or neuroticism can be a indicator the cat is over-stressed.

What must you do if you have a Neurotic Cat?

If your cat is neurotic, inquire your vet for advice. If you consider your cat is shy and suspicious, attempt to be aware of what scenarios cause extra stress and anxiety. For instance, if you have visitors coming above for a bash, look at having your cat remain with a sitter. A one-cat family could possibly be the best solution for a neurotic cat, or supervise interactions more in a multi-cat household. Give your cat time by yourself and time to chill by by themselves. Preserve toys straightforward and peaceful. No will need to get loud buzzing light-up entertaining toys for these cats. Make a small-crucial loving dwelling, and your neurotic cat need to be fantastic. They may perhaps even step by step come to be additional chill.

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