Signs and What to Do
  • Cats can establish urinary tract bacterial infections (UTIs) if micro organism enters their urinary tract.
  • Your cat may well have a UTI if they pee a whole lot, have bloody urine, or groom their genital place continuously.
  • Untreated UTIs can develop into major, so it is really most effective to connect with a vet if your cat has these indicators.

If your cat out of the blue starts employing your bathtub as a litter box, that would not necessarily mean they are making an attempt to spite you. In truth, a cat’s lavatory practices can really give you some perception into their total wellbeing. 

When your cat starts off urinating extra usually — or stops utilizing their litter box entirely — this could suggest a well being problem like a urinary tract an infection (UTI.)

UTIs occur when an infectious agent, normally micro organism, enters your cat’s urinary tract. All around 1{95221ed7c1b18b55d17ae0bef2e0eaa704ccc2431c5b12f9d786c88d1acb538d}-2{95221ed7c1b18b55d17ae0bef2e0eaa704ccc2431c5b12f9d786c88d1acb538d} of cats will practical experience a bacterial UTI in their lifetime, though UTIs most commonly impact spayed girls or cats over 10 many years aged. 

Not only can a UTI be unpleasant for your kitty, it may also guide to critical health and fitness considerations devoid of prompt remedy.

Beneath, explore how to place a opportunity UTI in your cat and when it is time to head to the vet. 

Indicators of a UTI

It can be difficult to tell when your cat feels beneath the climate, due to the fact cats instinctively disguise ache and illnesses as a survival mechanism to guard them selves from predators. 

Frequently talking, though, a cat who has a UTI could:

  • Urinate far more frequently
  • Urinate outdoors the litter box
  • Have blood in their urine 
  • Groom their genital place extra normally
  • Pressure or cry out while urinating

You should make contact with your vet and make an appointment as shortly as you see any of these indicators, states Dr. Kelly Dunham, veterinarian and space clinical director at IndeVets

Leaving the an infection untreated could lead to extra significant conditions, like kidney stones, kidney failure, or septicemia — a bacterial infection in the blood. 

There are not any about-the-counter remedies for UTIs in cats, so calling a vet ideal away is the very best way to get your cat appropriate treatment ahead of the infection will get worse. 

Retain in thoughts, too, that up to 87{95221ed7c1b18b55d17ae0bef2e0eaa704ccc2431c5b12f9d786c88d1acb538d} of cats with UTIs also have one more wellbeing problem, like diabetic issues or hyperthyroidism. Having your cat to the vet could assist you uncover any fundamental well being issues you might not know about — so your kitty can get timely cure.

How do vets diagnose UTIs in cats?

To diagnose a UTI, your veterinarian will require to accumulate a sterile urine sample and test it for microorganisms, says Dr. Monica Sterk, crisis home veterinarian and space medical director at Veterinary Unexpected emergency Team

Your cat possibly won’t cooperate with filling up a urine sample cup — but even if they urinate on the desk, there’s a prospect that outside the house bacteria could contaminate the sample. So, your vet will very likely acquire a urine sample by a procedure referred to as cystocentesis

The moment your vet has a sample, they can do a urinalysis to verify for any germs or crystals that could counsel a UTI. Your vet may well also conduct an ultrasound to detect any abnormalities in your cat’s bladder, like bladder or kidney stones. 


If your vet diagnoses your cat with a bacterial UTI, the regular cure is antibiotics, according to Sterk. 

Your vet can send your cat’s urine to the lab to society it and determine the particular micro organism existing. This assists them ascertain the most effective antibiotic to struggle the infection. 

Because this process can take a day or two, your vet will probable get started you off with a wide-spectrum antibiotic that can concentrate on several styles of popular germs, according to Sterk.  

If your cat is in ache, your vet may possibly also mail you residence with soreness treatment to enable them truly feel a lot more comfy. 

Stopping UTIs in cats

There is just not a common rule of thumb to avoid urinary tract bacterial infections in cats, Sterk states. 

That said, you can consider measures to decrease your cat’s hazard of creating other urinary overall health complications, like feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). Vets use this catchall time period to describe cats with signs of urinary tract concerns but no precise condition. 

When FIC has no identified lead to or treatment, some authorities have linked these signs and symptoms to worry. So, producing a tension-free environment at property could help your kitty remain nutritious and happy. 

A several points you can do to enable your cat really feel a lot more peaceful:  

  • Provide much more than a person litter box: If you have extra than a person cat, make positive each individual cat has their personal litter box in distinct locations in the course of the house. “This is to avoid guarding by 1 cat or the other, so that everybody is generally ready to use the box when they will need to,” Sterk states. 
  • Continue to keep them hydrated: The common 10-pound cat should consume all over a person cup of h2o for each day. If your cat doesn’t like to drink from a bowl, a cat fountain may possibly make water additional interesting to them. 
  • Hold them stimulated: “Possessing ample enrichment can also assistance to reduce pressure,” Sterk suggests. Intention to supply plenty of toys for your cat to perform with, like puzzle toys that cover treats or computerized laser pointers to assistance them get exercising when you are not all over.
  • Support them keep a wholesome excess weight: Feeding your cat a effectively-well balanced eating plan is also critical for urinary wellbeing, according to Sterk. Cats living with diabetes and other well being concerns linked with UTIs may want exclusive foods, as properly. Your vet can offer you assistance about your cat’s nutritional needs and any other distinctive issues to keep in mind.

Insider’s takeaway

It does not subject irrespective of whether you are a human or a feline — UTIs are no entertaining for any individual. 

Feline UTIs don’t just make excursions to the litter box painful — they can also lead to far more major health and fitness difficulties, like kidney concerns. 

If your cat’s litter box practices quickly transform or you see blood in their urine, it is most effective to make an appointment with your vet as before long as possible. 

In the meantime, you can acquire steps to reduce other urinary tract troubles by holding your cat’s anxiety degrees small. Getting a lot more than a single litter box, trying to keep loads of toys around, and giving a nicely-well balanced diet program can all help your cat feel safe, happy, and stimulated.