Juvenile mountain lion caught in residential chicken coop in Hailey

Juvenile mountain lion caught in residential chicken coop in Hailey

A juvenile mountain lion was caught in the Woodside subdivision in Hailey just after it got into a chicken coop, late in the night on April 7. That night, Blaine County Dispatch received a simply call from a Hailey resident declaring they experienced read a disturbance in their hen coop. The house owner investigated, and when getting what they suspected as a mountain lion in with their chickens instantly closed the door to the enclosure, trapping the mountain lion in the coop.

Idaho Fish and Activity conservation officers responded to the dwelling late Friday night time and found that there was without a doubt a juvenile mountain lion locked inside the chicken coop. 

Fish and Recreation tried to straight away access out to find an accredited zoo facility that could choose the lion, but because of to the late hour, no amenities could be uncovered. At that time, the selection was designed to euthanize the mountain lion. 

Residents are reminded to securely near all doorways to barns, yard sheds and constructions like hen coops so that mountain lions simply cannot get access to these areas.

The place wherever this incident happened is in extremely close proximity to Alturas Elementary School.

About the past a number of weeks, Fish and Sport has ongoing to get reports about mountain lions living in populated Hailey neighborhoods. The stories are all in areas of dense residential advancement perfectly inside of the city limitations of Hailey. 

Own and pet security all over mountain lions

Wildlife supervisors agree that if a particular person is in near proximity to a lion, which means they see it, they should:

  • NEVER run absent from a mountain lion. The lion’s instinct is to chase and ultimately capture what they understand as opportunity prey.
  • Hardly ever flip your back on a lion. Often deal with them when making your self appear as large as you can. Yell loudly, but do not scream. A superior-pitched scream may mimic the audio of a wounded animal.
  • Slowly back absent even though keeping eye get in touch with with the lion. 
  • When strolling or climbing, security products to carry could involve a cannister of bear spray, a sound product like an air-horn, and if you walk in the dark, a really shiny flashlight.
  • If you are attacked, combat back!

Inhabitants should really check all-around their houses or residences for locations wherever a lion could come across a location to disguise or daybed all-around their homes or residences. Spots underneath decks should be blocked so that lions can not obtain the room for a day mattress. 

The Wood River Valley Wildlife Clever Communities coalition has designed a web page that citizens can use to discover more about how to properly reside in proximity to wildlife www.wrvwildlifesmart.org.

Citizens need to right away report any wildlife incident or attack to the Magic Valley Regional Business at (208) 324-4359 all through business hours, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, or to your area regulation enforcement company. Mountain lion sightings and encounters ought to be claimed to Fish and Recreation through normal business hrs by calling the Magic Valley Regional Place of work at (208) 324-4359.