I’m a dog trainer – 3 types of breeds to avoid if you’re a new owner, they’re ‘prone to aggression’ and ‘reactive’

I’m a dog trainer – 3 types of breeds to avoid if you’re a new owner, they’re ‘prone to aggression’ and ‘reactive’

A Coach has disclosed three canine breeds he advises people today who’ve by no means dealt with puppies to steer clear of.

A male who runs a TikTok account dedicated to doggy teaching guidelines shared a video clip advising his 2million followers which breeds to “steer obvious of if you’ve got never experienced a doggy.”

Master dog trainer Adam Spivey of  Southend Dog Training said that first-time dog owners should avoid certain types of breeds


Master doggy coach Adam Spivey of Southend Canine Schooling said that 1st-time puppy owners ought to prevent specified forms of breedsCredit rating: TikTok / southenddogtraining1

Adam Spivey is the director and learn trainer of Southend Dog Training (@southenddogtraining1) and has been schooling dogs due to the fact 2012.

In the video, he shared suggestions that he’s uncovered around the system of a 10 years in the canine schooling business enterprise.

GUARD Canines

Adam said men and women who are having their initially hound, must keep absent from all guarding breeds of canines.

He extra that people today who are not used to working with canines need to “especially” steer clear of property-guarding canine breeds like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Good Danes.

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Adam also observed terriers and bully breeds as canines anyone would not want to be their initial expertise as a pet.

“This just isn’t to say you will find everything completely wrong with them,” he added.

“But most bully breeds are prone to aggression.”

The dog trainer spelled out that bully breeds like English Bulldogs and American Bulldogs are inclined to aggression due to their genetics.

The purpose he stated most 1st-time canine proprietors must continue to be away from the breed is that they are pretty very likely to make lots of issues in teaching a bully breed doggy.

You will find even a large risk that a bully-breed pup may perhaps not behave very well with people coming in and out of the puppy owner’s household.

“They are really very suspicious and reactive towards men and women if you really don’t know what you happen to be doing,” Adam spelled out.

“And most of them are massively significant and massively highly effective.”

Most of the guarding doggy breeds “can be also substantially of a handful for first-time canine house owners.”


Adam mentioned that terriers have been bred to hunt and destroy, introducing “it is really that straightforward.”

“Aggression is high within the terrier breeds,” he explained.

Of class, another person who has never dealt with hounds before would have no clue of how to “control that type of prey-generate of the pet” and will “wrestle.”

The canine trainer added monitor textual content to the video saying: “If you have a person of these pet dogs and you happen to be doing the job with a trainer, you have performed your analysis and you have no problems, Well Finished,” with a red coronary heart.

He also noted terriers and bully breeds as dogs someone wouldn't want to be their first experience as a pet


He also mentioned terriers and bully breeds as canine somebody would not want to be their 1st experience as a petCredit rating: Getty
The trainer says 'most bully breeds are prone to aggression'


The coach suggests ‘most bully breeds are vulnerable to aggression’Credit score: Getty