How to stop a dog constantly begging for treats, by top trainer Ben Randall

How to stop a dog constantly begging for treats, by top trainer Ben Randall

Reward-primarily based schooling has transformed our associations with our puppies — but it can go mistaken. Ben Randall explains how to place matters appropriate if your pooch goes off monitor.

There is no question that, for the duration of the past 30 or 40 years, pet-teaching strategies have adjusted immeasurably.

The moment it was all rigid discipline and stern instructions. Now, we know and understand so a great deal a lot more about puppy psychology, the emphasis has adjusted to favourable and reward-based mostly schooling.

Nevertheless, employing rewards — and particular food items rewards in the sort of puppy treats — is not devoid of its concerns, possibly. Not minimum for the reason that, if you are likely to more than-deal with your dog with no any regular guidelines for extended superior behaviour, they’ll shortly start to choose the constant resource of foodstuff for granted. Once that occurs, they are possible to start snatching and persistently nudging and nipping at your fingers until they get what they want.

This is exactly the dilemma being faced by K.F. from the United states, who has written to us by using our [email protected] email deal with to question how she can stop her younger Golden retriever, Hank, from leaping up and nipping, ordinarily in search of treats, in all kinds of situations. It’s a extensive letter, but I have not edited it down because — as you will see — K.F.’s issue covers a difficulty that spreads throughout lots of distinctive situations.

Pricey Ben,

I adhere to you and have figured out and utilized most of your guidance, prior to my adoption of my attractive five-thirty day period-aged Golden retriever pup, Hank. However, I am not incredibly well — I have been going through cancer treatment method for virtually two many years — and whilst owning a energetic pup will help me in so quite a few strategies, it can also be hard on my down days. Fortuitously, Hank has been tremendous straightforward to prepare and all the puppy dog teaching has worked properly.

Even so, my issue, since he’s treat-oriented, is that he’s consistently wanting for treats. He does not beg for foodstuff when I try to eat and sits quietly right up until I’ve completed, when I give him praise for not staring or begging. Nevertheless, following finding a handle, or soon after observing me take in, he jumps up at my hands hunting for more. Then, when I sit down after my food, he retains jumping up, sniffing all around and even bites at my arms for rather some time right until he realises there is nothing for him.  

The odd point is that he does the exact when he wishes attention, requires one thing or when a person will come into the dwelling. It is continuous biting, nipping, jumping till he gets what he desires. I realise it’s a sort of conversation, but the nipping and jumping is undesirable. It’s also pretty challenging for me while functioning at residence and even worse for site visitors, as it requires at the very least 5 or additional minutes right before he at some point presents up.

He does the identical on walks — as quickly as he sees an additional particular person, he commences jumping. And, if they occur to say hi, he jumps and nips at their fingers. Also, I’m getting ready for a significant procedure and I will be unable to deal with him on walks if he carries on to screen this sort of behaviour, especially now he’s acquiring more substantial. Aside from this, he’s an complete champ for his age. Any inbound links to exactly where I can read through about this behaviour and how to proper it would be enormously appreciated — thank you.

To begin with, I am definitely sorry to listen to about your most cancers procedure and I desire you all the best for a swift restoration immediately after your operation. Unfortunately, the situation that you are suffering from with your Golden retriever pet is a really typical issue that I come across on a typical basis.

Generally, it occurs from puppies being presented too several treats and then developing spoilt-child behaviour canines can promptly start off to see their loving and properly-intentioned proprietor as another person that they can jump up at, scratch and choose matters off as they please… and if they do not get what they want — whether that be foods or a toy — they will pester and pester you until eventually you give in.

I’ve been perfecting my BG (Beggarbush) basis techniques for just about 20 yrs and recognize that even skilled pet homeowners arrive up towards problems that they are not certain how to cope with. However, with a minimal retraining and tolerance, it’s doable to cease your pet dog nipping and jumping up at you in lookup of treats. You can understand far more by using @beggarbush on Instagram and my pet-instruction application (this connection will enable you get a free of charge demo) or inquire me your individual question by emailing [email protected].

Ben’s 3 top ideas to retrain a handle-obsessed dog

1. Stop giving ANY treats for now

So, how do we begin to boost these terrible behaviours? Initially of all, I would like you to cease the treats for now and rethink the phrase ‘treat’ as a ‘reward’ for ongoing and sustained fantastic conduct.

2. Instruct your doggy the ‘leave’ command in all cases

You also will need to get to do the job on establishing the depart command. As soon as the ‘leave’ command is proven, it should really be applied to discourage any destructive behaviour, this sort of as jumping up or nipping for awareness.

3. Stimulate quiet and affected individual conduct at your dog’s food moments

When you have been correctly working with the ‘leave’ command for a number of months, what I would like you to commence performing is to set up heaps of other vital instructions at just about every mealtimes — which, for a pet will be 3 instances a working day.

This is a vital component of fixing this challenge, as Hank will immediately learn that his reward is coming from the bowl and not your fingers.

At the time you begin to instil this new routine, you will be impressed at how several instructions you can start out to build and reinforce in and all-around just about every mealtime. If you’re feeding Hank three foods a day, that suggests that, in only a person thirty day period you’ll have around 90 tiny classes in which you can retrain your doggy with out him really realising, as it gets element of your normal regime.

This will give the pet dog a new concentrate: we are rewarding, not ‘bribing’ Hank, and he will commence to perform tougher for extended for each and every reward. That, in convert, will really encourage him to have a larger partnership with you. The extra he believes that the reward is coming from you, the greater your bond will be.

For additional detailed tips about Ben Randall’s favourable, reward-based mostly and tested BG teaching strategies, a person-to-a single schooling sessions, residential instruction or 5-star puppy-boarding at his BGHQ in Herefordshire, telephone 01531 670960 or pay a visit to kingdom. For a free seven-working day trial of the Gundog app, which expenditures £24.99 a month or £249.99 a 12 months, go to www.gundog.application/demo

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