Flea and tick medicine tips for warmer weather

Flea and tick medicine tips for warmer weather
Flea and tick medicine tips for warmer weather

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — With the weather conditions acquiring warmer every working day, you and your pet will likely start investing extra time outside the house, which suggests they are far more possible to select up fleas or ticks. In this article are some rapid guidelines courtesy of Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic when it arrives to preserving your pets secure from tick-borne conditions:

Use flea and tick meds yr-round

Veterinarian Ryan Hart recommends using flea and tick drugs 12 months-spherical, particularly in West Virginia. Hart says that Hillcrest has found a current improve in tick-borne ailments like Lyme Illness since some entrepreneurs think they really do not need to have to be concerned about ticks owing to reduce temperatures in the course of the winter season. Nonetheless, simply because of this year’s relatively mild wintertime, tick populations have stayed typically the very same in the previous 12 months.

Not only will using flea and tick meds 12 months-round maintain your pet nutritious, but it will also get you and your pet into the program of doing it routinely.

Applying the medicine

Hart explained that even though spot-on therapies are even now commonly used, ingestible flea and tick medicine, particularly for dogs, is starting to be significantly frequent. Not only is it a lot easier for animals who don’t like topical treatments, but he also stated that some research have even proven that flea and tick medication in tablet form can be extra responsible at protecting animals. On the other hand he also prefaced that every pet is various, so it’s crucial to consult your vet as to what is best for your animal.

If you use a topical medicine and are getting troubles getting your pet to cooperate, get a helper. If you can, wrap your cat or canine in a towel to preserve their legs from acquiring out of your grip.

Flea and tick drugs can be unsafe to people. Be guaranteed to hold it out of achieve of small children and check out to prevent obtaining it in your eyes or ingesting any. Clean your palms extensively soon after implementing, and follow the directions on the packaging cautiously.

Use the suitable med for your pet

Certainly in no way use a flea or tick medication that is meant for a various animal species. Working with puppy medicine on a cat can lead to major health issues to your cat like seizures or potentially demise. Overdoses in smaller animals can be in particular widespread. Be absolutely sure to check out the packaging on your meds and see how considerably to give them according to your pet’s excess weight. Publish the day on your packaging to continue to keep monitor of the final time they had been addressed.

What to do if you recognize aspect-effects

Make contact with your vet if you recognize your animal behaving strangely, and if aspect effects are intense, just take your cat to an animal healthcare facility or veterinary clinic straight away. Indications of tick and flea drugs toxicity incorporate vomiting, tremors, extreme drooling heavy respiratory and diarrhea.