Fishing Report: Late Winter Fishing Outlook for Southwest Virginia

Fishing Report: Late Winter Fishing Outlook for Southwest Virginia

In this article is what we are listening to about fishing on lakes and streams around the commonwealth. Recall, colder drinking water temperatures imply slower fish metabolisms, so match your methods accordingly.

Smith Mountain Lake

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are getting taken off of deep points and drops. Finesse procedures look to be doing work the very best.

Striped bass are hitting trolled umbrella rigs and trolled reside bait. Downfishing shiners or shad is also powerful.

A Smith Mountain Lake Striper (Photo: George Noleff)

White perch are congregated on deep humps. They will readily just take minnows, nightcrawlers, or meal worms fished on or in the vicinity of the bottom.

Crappies are schooled deep just off of spawning areas. They can be taken on minnows or smaller jigs.

Philpott Lake

Bass can be taken deep jigging. Glance for them on the deep finish of points. Gradual cranking stickbaits can also be helpful.

Some walleye are staying jigged off of points. Appear for walleye to move up the lake towards spawning grounds. Trolling stickbaits or diving cranks can direct to results in targeting pre-spawn walleyes.

New River

A several walleye are commencing to move into spawning areas, primarily down below Buck Dam, the dam at Fries, and underneath Foster Falls. Numbers need to increase through February and into March. These fish can be targeted by trolling or casting stickbaits. Jigging with tender plastics or minnows can also be productive. Walleye fishing will make improvements to by way of late winter in the spot from Foster Falls to Claytor Lake.

Smallmouth are holding in deep holes. Finesse tactics will choose them.

There are reports of muskies subsequent and occasionally using little by little introduced swimbait.

James River (Upper)

Smallmouth bass fishing has been sluggish as h2o levels fluctuate. Ned rigs and other gradual finesse approaches is the way to focus on them.

Muskies are becoming witnessed, and a couple are currently being caught. They will start out to feed intensely in anticipation of their spawn in March and April.

James River (Lower)

Blue cats are giving speedy motion beneath Richmond all the way to Jamestown. Reduce bait is the way to go.

Some stripers are transferring up into the river.

Largemouth bass and chain pickerel can be taken from creeks and other tributaries entering the river.

Roanoke River

Bass and panfish are holding in deep holes.

Trout anglers will locate fish in the delayed harvest spots in Salem. Synthetic lures might only be applied to concentrate on individuals fish, and they have to be returned to the river till June. Put-and-get parts in Roanoke and Salem are thanks for a stocking.

Glade Creek & Tinker Creek

Both of those streams are because of for a trout stocking. Neither has acquired fish considering that before Xmas. Both of those are put-and-choose streams. Some bass are being taken jigging near the confluence of Tinker Creek and the Roanoke River.

Carvins Cove

Slow down your presentation to goal largemouth bass. Finesse ways are having some fish.

Panfish will take reside bait and little jigs presented deep and around protect.

Jackson River

Smallmouth fishing is gradual on the reduced Jackson as these fish go into traditional winter season patterns. Some muskies are currently being witnessed.

On the upper Jackson from Lake Moomaw south to Covington, brown trout are cooperating. Gradually offered stickbaits and spinners will choose fish. Swinging streamers and wooly buggers will get them to go on the fly. Some rainbows are in the blend.

Claytor Lake

Striped bass and striped bass hybrids are staying caught on downlined stay bait. Sluggish trolling umbrella rigs or shiners will also cause hits.

Smallmouth and largemouth are in their typical winter patterns. They can be taken off of deep include and points on gradual cranked stickbaits, jigs, and finesse delicate plastics.

Even though channel cats gradual down in the wintertime, some are remaining taken deep on reduce bait.

Smith River

The stretches below Philpott Lake and under the Martinsville Dam are some of the very best brown trout waters in the commonwealth, and they develop browns 12 months round. Fish can be taken swinging streamers or casting spinners or little stickbaits.

Staunton River

Walleye should start off congregating around rocks and rock ledges in anticipation of the spawn this thirty day period and into February. Jigged swimbaits, stickbaits, and Carolina-rigged floating jig heads tipped with minnows or twister tails are a fantastic way to focus on individuals fish.

Bass are keeping in deep holes but can be enticed to hit finesse introduced baits.