Encounters with loose and stray dogs happen every day

Encounters with loose and stray dogs happen every day

Thank you so much for publishing these a timely column about pet attacks. As a runner, I am quite aware of free canines. I generally listen for the audio of nails clicking on the cement and barking. Fortuitously, the canines on my route change absent at the time I start out strolling and chatting to them. The reality that the gentleman was finding out of his motor vehicle when the doggy attacked is frightening. What if a runner or a little one had been in the spot?


Expensive Sally,

Runners, possibly, extra than any one, know the unfastened (owned) and stray pet dogs in a neighborhood. Most pet dogs are welcoming and will go away you by itself. But, yes, it can be scary to have a doggy jogging towards you and not know his intentions. One of the items of tips I gave in the Feb. 28 column you referenced was to bounce on a close by auto hood if an approaching doggy seems aggressive. I hope you hardly ever have to do that, but knowing your possibilities is crucial.

Runners, perhaps, more than anyone, know the loose (owned) and stray dogs in a neighborhood.

Runners, maybe, far more than everyone, know the loose (owned) and stray canine in a community.

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Expensive Cathy,

I desired to share a trick I figured out from a long time of operating. When confronted with an intense dog, access down towards the floor as if picking up a rock and hold your arm earlier mentioned your head as if planning to toss the rock. They have usually backed off when I have employed this process.


Expensive Barry,

The vital to your information right here is “as if.” Puppies intuitively recognize human system language quite well. Human body language signals most puppies can comprehend incorporate raising your arm to make oneself appear even larger or pointing your arm away from you. So, your instincts are correct. Also, yelling text like “go” or “go away” at the similar time and in a menacing voice could also intimidate an approaching puppy.  

Expensive Cathy,

I experienced a “run-in” with a dachshund various a long time in the past. I was standing in the center of a road in front of his fenced-in garden. He ambled above to me, bit me on the leg, and returned to his lawn. Animal control picked up the pet dog and quarantined him for the reason that he was not vaccinated for rabies. (He was not rabid, thank goodness.) The owner hardly ever claimed the dog. I guess the road was component of his territory.


Expensive Suzanne,

As you can see, any doggy can bite, specifically if they are retained as a resident pet dog (not fixed, retained outside the house, tethered or chained, and obtain tiny to no socialization with people), which appears like the scenario considering the fact that the house owners weren’t bonded plenty of with the doggy to reclaim him.

And sure, if folks allow their canines roam the community, they will set up extra territory, which in this scenario incorporated the road. It’s vitally critical for pet entrepreneurs to socialize and bond with their canines and keep them in their yards and houses.


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