Dog Flu: Symptoms, Treatment, and How to Keep Pets Safe

Dog Flu: Symptoms, Treatment, and How to Keep Pets Safe

Common flu time is not the only matter we want to spend consideration to this year. ICYMI, canine influenza is on the rise throughout the US. Which usually means if your pup spends a large amount of time all over other canines or has some time booked in the dog kennel for the vacations, you may possibly want to reconsider your options. Or take into consideration acquiring them vaccinated ahead of time. To all the nervous pet owners out there: Here’s what you require to know about canine influenza — like what it is, where by outbreaks are going on, the indicators to seem out for, treatment alternatives, and far more. 

Wait, can dogs get the flu? 

Yep. But it is not the exact same form of flu us people need to have to be nervous about this winter. It is really known as canine influenza. You may well also see it referred to as H3N8 or H3N2. The virus was 1st detected back in 2004. And whilst there are periodic breakouts, you will find no predictable “pet dog flu year” like there is for individuals. 

What is canine influenza, particularly?

Very similar to the flu you could be utilised to, canine influenza is a respiratory ailment. It can be also unfold primarily by way of respiratory droplets among canine (and, in rare scenarios, cats). For canines, that can mean by means of barking, coughing, sneezing, or surfaces like collars or leashes. It is normally gentle, and most canines get well in two to a few months. But for some canine — like younger, older, and immunocompromised pups — it can grow to be even worse and build into pneumonia. Which can be life-threatening.

Can doggy flu get humans unwell?

Some fantastic information: The pet dog flu doesn’t at the moment distribute to individuals. Phew.  

The place are canine influenza outbreaks happening?

It’s been spreading intensely in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and the Carolinas. But the dog flu can distribute wherever there are a lot of dogs in 1 put. Like pet dog shelters, kennels, groomers, and canine parks.  

What canine flu signs must I search out for? 

Not all pups will present puppy flu signs when they have it. But hold an eye out for…

Is there a canine influenza vaccine? 

There are flu vaccines for dogs (but none for cats). You can get one at your vet. It may well be worthy of getting a single for your pet if your dog…

  • Socializes a large amount (examine: frequents the pet park, goes to daycare, or normally hangs with friends’ and household members’ dogs)

  • Has a check out to the groomer coming up

  • Is likely to be paying time in a kennel 

  • Is touring with you around the vacations

How considerably does the canine influenza vaccine price?

The specific charge may perhaps change depending on exactly where you stay. But it can variety from $30 to $65 for a canine influenza vaccine

My puppy may well have canine influenza. What ought to I do?

Noticing that your pup has some doggy flu signs? Contact your vet 1st. They may possibly have you carry your canine in a unique entrance or analyze your pet from the car or truck to keep the virus from spreading. 

If they do take a look at beneficial, you are going to most most likely just have to have to take treatment of them at property. Indicating: a large amount of rest, belly rubs, and constrained publicity to other canine. For 3 to four months, prevent the pet dog park or other destinations with dogs, and do not let your pet share toys, bowls, or beds with other dogs or cats. Due to the fact the virus can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. If your vet thinks they have a bacterial infection like pneumonia, they may well give your puppy antibiotics


Involving the holidays and tripledemic, we’re all working with a lot correct now. And the puppy flu in all probability wasn’t on your 2022 bingo card. But there are techniques you can shield your pet and hold them safe.