Are There Dogs In Stranded: Alien Dawn?

Are There Dogs In Stranded: Alien Dawn?

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Imagine a bleak world where dogs did not exist. In Stranded: Alien Dawn, that dark scenario was a reality for its first few months since launch. Fortunately, the early-access survival sim introduced dog rearing in their second expansion, “Train And Tame!”

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We know what you’re thinking. “Where are the low-fat puppy-cinos hiding!?” Slow down, human. Finding these furry companions takes a sharp eye, and caring for them requires diligence. So, before you throw a fit like a child in a pet store, read through our course for all things canine!

Stranded: Alien Dawn is an Early Access title still in development. Therefore, its current version does not represent the contents of the finished game. As a result, parts of this guide may become obsolete/inaccurate as the title grows and evolves. Additionally, bugs and glitches may inhibit gameplay.

What Dog Breeds Are In Stranded: Alien Dawn?

A survivor discovers dogs in Sobrius in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Stranded’s Train And Tame expansion introduces three inaugural dog breeds you can adopt into your camp. All of them are breeds that exist in real life! So let’s look at these breeds’ backgrounds, shall we?



A lean and velvety smooth Weinmaraner dog. Via the American Kennel Club.

This breed is from Germany and often carries the nickname ‘The Grey Ghost.’ Weimaraners have a large yet streamlined build, a smooth velvety coat, and an energetic focus. These traits make the Weimaraner a fantastic hunting dog and best friend!

Great Dane

The towering Great Dane. Via the American Kennel Club.

This breed is famous for its towering stature, which overlooks most dog breeds and humans when standing on its hind legs. Their posture has given Great Danes the nickname ‘The Apollo Of Dogs.’ Great Danes are amiable and loving dogs. However, they are not pushovers and will defend their family with courage.


The alert and muscular Boxer dog - via the American Kennel Club

The Boxer is well-known for their loyalty, athleticism, sense of humor, and good looks. They’re a short-haired, muscular breed that runs medium-to-large. Boxers thrive when exposed to many people and animals in early puppyhood. When appropriately exposed, Boxers are great with children!

How To Find Dogs

A Weimaraner roams a field in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Many of Stranded’s animal species can adapt to warm and cold climates. So, you’ll find them out and about all year long. Unfortunately, the same is not valid for dogs. Dogs will only come out in the spring and summer months. During the fall and winter, they will not appear, likely due to hibernation.

While it’s a bummer that you can only find dogs during a short period, this will give you more time to prepare to house one. And since dogs have stricter needs than other domesticated animals, more time is good.

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How To Tame Dogs

Vanessa tames a wild Weimaraner in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Taming a dog follows the same protocol as other animal life. First and foremost, you must study animal taming tech at the research desk. Then, you must study the dog breed. After that, discover the dog’s favorite food. And lastly, and this part is the most significant, prepare shelter and food for the dog before you tame it.

Since dogs are smaller than Drakka or Ulfen, you won’t need as many shelter resources to house them. For instance, we skipped the animal shelter and made a small sleeping spot for our pup inside our newly constructed house.

The hardest part of preparing for a new doggy arrival is accommodating their diet. Dogs are carnivores, so they will starve if you do not fill their feeder with raw or dried meat. Furthermore, their favorite treat is dried meat jerky, so you must invest in a drying rack and dry up some red meat before approaching a new dog.

The dogs in the world of Stranded are theorized to be domesticated breeds from your survivors’ home planet, likely refugees from a human spacecraft crash landing. So you won’t be facing a wolf-like predator. Moreover, if you fail to tame a dog, they’re more likely to flee than attack.

Once you tame your dog, have one of your survivors lead the animal to its new sleeping spot. At this point, the taming is complete.

Caring For Your New Dog

Nova trains a Boxer inside their home in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Dogs require the same daily care as other animals in your space colony. Your survivors can still play with them, feed them, and heal them when sick. However, dogs have unique needs that can make or break their upbringing.

A dog’s diet is a crucial element of its care. As we mentioned, dogs are carnivores and will not eat plant food. So, their feeder must always be full of raw red meat, insect meat, dried meat, or, worst case scenario, slop. When left unfed, the consequences are brutal. A starving berserk dog will not only harm the camp; they will harm themself.

When a dog starts a fight with larger domesticated animals, especially if it is untrained, that dog is as good as dead. Even Ulfen, as peaceful as they are, will fight back when provoked. So, clear boundaries must be made on where dogs and livestock eat and sleep.

For instance, our first dog died after going berserk in an Ulfen shelter. The Ulfen defended themself quickly and took out the pup. However, the canine might have survived if it had rampaged indoors with a human.

We never want our pets to starve. However, if an unfortunate circumstance occurs, ensure one of your survivors has a pacifier. This tranquilizing weapon will neutralize your dog, keeping them safe and sound asleep while your team searches for food solutions.

Lastly, dogs are one of the few trainable species in Stranded. Training teaches dogs combat skills that may become necessary to defend the camp from attack. As long as a survivor has a Farming skill level higher than the dog’s training level, they can train that dog. So, to continue increasing your dog’s skills, you must have your survivors continue their farming studies.

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