35 Best Songs About Fishing

Fishing is a hobby near and dear to my heart. I’ve spent untold numbers of hours sitting on a beach waiting for a bite. It’s the perfect way to figure out life, learn about yourself, and get a break from your hectic schedule. In general, it’s just good fun.

In this article, we’ll go over 35 awesome songs about going fishing.

1. I’m Gonna Miss Her – Brad Paisley

I’m Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley is one of the most iconic fishing songs of all time. The man loves fishing so much that he would rather head out in the boat than stay at home to repair his fractured relationship. While I don’t condone this at all, Paisley lays it all out in such a clever and funny way that this song excuses it. Keep on fishing.

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2. Fishin’ In The Dark – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

This is probably one of the most iconic fishing songs of all time (despite the fact that they probably won’t get much fishing done in the dark), and it’s only number two because of how funny I’m Gonna Miss Her Was. On the surface, it’s a bluesy country song about fishing with your special someone and is an all-time classic. 

3. Just Fishin’ – Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins’s Just Fishin’ is one of the best recent country songs when it comes to sentimentality. Just like the little girl in the song doesn’t know it’s not about the fishing trip, this one is less about the fishing and more about the love between the father and daughter. Fishing is a great way to spend time and make memories with loved ones, especially if you’re looking for those important moments.

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4. The Fishin’ Hole – Andy Griffith

The Andy Griffith Show is a classic piece of American culture, but the main theme song is actually about fishing. As the characters whistle their corny tunes, they’re walking down the road on the way to go fishing.

5. Cletus Take The Reel – Tim Hawkins

Cletus Take The Reel is a hilarious parody of Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take The Wheel. Rather than praying for help in life, the narrator is begging for help reeling in a massive fish that he’s scared of losing. 

6. Buy Me A Boat – Chris Janson

Buy Me A Boat by Chris Janson is one of the funniest country songs to come out in recent years. Money isn’t going to buy you happiness, but it could buy you a boat and that’s basically the same thing. That’s something I could definitely agree with, I’d be super happy with a fishing boat of my own. 

7. Gone Fishin’ – Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong

Just like the typical “out to lunch” signs on businesses, life in a small town could mean you find a “gone fishing” sign on your favorite store. Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong teamed up on this song about a simple life and the enjoyment of a relaxing fishing trip. Sadly, the narrator’s woman is never home when he goes to visit, so he goes fishing instead, and you can’t blame them.

8. A Pirate Looks At Forty – Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett looks at fishing and the ocean in this song and likens it to aging. Time never really stops, but there are certain ways you can enjoy your time here more.

9. Bad Day of Fishin’ – Billy Currington

Any fisherman would agree that a bad day of fishing (even if you don’t catch anything) is better than a day of work. That’s the main idea of Bad Day of Fishin’ by Billy Currington, bringing the lesson that a bad day of doing something you love is better than a good day of doing something you hate. 

10. It’s My Lazy Day – Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson

If you spend enough time on the water, you inevitably hook into a monster that breaks your line or pulls your entire setup out of your hands. It’s My Lazy Day sees the narrator hook into a bass so big it pulls in his gear, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. 

11. Bait a Hook – Justin Moore

When your girl leaves you for a city slicker who you think is beneath you, what’s the best insult you can come up with? According to Justin Moore, telling her he can’t even bait a hook is a perfect choice. Essentially, this song is Moore telling an ex that she wound up with a lesser man after leaving him, but in reality, it’s a pretty funny little country song. 

12. Boondocks – Little Big Town

The point of the fishing trip in Boondocks is more about escaping their crappy lives and spending time together, but the couple in the song is undoubtedly fishing. Heading down to the docks is their safe haven, a place where they find peace. 

13. More Time Fishin’ – Thomas Rhett

No matter where you live, working your life away can be one of the most draining experiences you can go through. More Time Fishing advocates for more time on the water, away from the worries of your everyday life. Sometimes, an unconventional path is the right one for you. 

14. Mind On Fishin’ – Trace Adkins

One of the best things about fishing is that it centers around you. It’s a place to think as you wait on a bite and a peaceful escape from the negativity of the people around you. Mind On Fishin’ is all about that sentiment, finding peace in nature away from everything and prioritizing that peace over almost everything else. 

15. Barracuda – Heart

Okay, this one is cheating. Heart wasn’t really singing about a Barracuda as a fish and they definitely weren’t going out fishing. But it is one of the best songs of all time with a fish species as the song’s title. So there’s that.

16. Up Down – Morgan Wallen feat. Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line continues the history of party-like bro-country with the hit song Up Down. It’s simple and catchy, and one of the things going up and down is a fishing bobber. Just like the beers the boys were throwing back when they wrote the song. 

17. Catch A Fish – Outlaw

Even if you aren’t a pro, you can catch a fish. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson, “…fishing isn’t that hard.” For people down on themselves, fishing can be a good hobby because it’s pretty easy to pick up and incredibly rewarding. Even if you think you have no talents, take Outlaw’s advice and Catch A Fish.

18. Fishing In The Sky – Travis Smith

Fishing In The Sky is a bit of a mournful take on losing a loved one. Instead of thinking of them watching over you, the narrator is hoping they’re fishing up somewhere in the sky. You can assume the departed was a big fisherman in life, but the song is a relaxing one that is as introspective as it is pretty.

19. Five Pound Bass – Robert Earl Keen

Big bass is a huge goal for many fishermen, but they don’t come easy. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to learn where to look and a lot of time to get the big one. Five Pound Bass by Robert Earl likens a big bass to a life goal. You’ll need to work hard and be patient to get the big break. 

20. Gone Fishing – Chris Rea

Gone Fishing by Chris Rea is the perfect example of metaphorical fishing giving you solid life advice. The song’s narrator doesn’t know how to fish but tries anyway just to avoid the regret of missing out. In life, you should find motivation even when you feel stuck and try new things because you might find out you’re really good or really enjoy something. 

21. Fishin’ On A River – Jake Owens

If you and an ex used to fish a spot together, you might as well forget about both honey holes in that equation. In Fishin’ On A River, Jake Owens abandons the river he always fished in favor of the bar because he saw his ex-girlfriend down there. 

22. Shut Up And Fish – Maddie and Tae

Have you ever had someone keep bothering you or trying to win you over when all you want is for them to shut up? If so, Shut Up And Fish is a song for you. Maddie and Tae are fed up with a suitor trying to win their affections and would rather he fished in silence. 

23. Fish Ain’t Bitin’ – David Lee Murphy

Not every fishing trip is going to be perfect. There are going to be days when the fish just aren’t hungry and you can’t get a bite. The silver lining is that you can always switch up your presentation or bait to try to persuade them. It’s a good life lesson about making changes when things aren’t going the way you want them to. 

24. Fish and Whistle – John Prine

Fish and Whistle has less to do with actually fishing and more to do with letting go of unhealthy grudges. It’s a sweet song, envisioning the afterlife as a place we can peacefully relax as we sit back and fish. Just remember to forgive others and ask for forgiveness when you make mistakes. 

25. Fishin’ Blues – Taj Mahal

Fishing is a great way to bond. It is how I formed many memories with my dad as a kid. Not everyone can go chase marlin or sharks, but there’s a fish out there that anyone can go after. No matter your age, skill level, or background, fishing is something anyone can do, which is the general theme of Fishin’ Blues by Taj Mahal. 

26. I’ll Probably Be Out Fishin’ – Toby Keith

Toby Keith is one of the kings of country sarcasm. This song, I’ll Probably Be Out Fishing, is another one of those. If you’re ever looking for him, don’t head to the house. Don’t look in the garage and don’t bother looking at the bar. Just check out his fishing spots because he’ll probably be there. 

27. Fish – Craig Campbell

The one thing any fisherman would love to have in his life is a lady who likes to fish just as much as he does. It’s great bonding and a good way to strengthen your relationship, with Craig Campbell apparently getting lucky enough to find one in Fish

28. Crawdad Song – George Jones

Crawdad Song has been covered many times, but nobody brought the same vocal energy as George Jones. Sometimes when you fish you have to have a lot of patience. Like the man in the song, you have to wait for them to come out and be ready to eat, so it’s something a lot of fishermen understand.

29. Keepers – The Bone Collector

Some people don’t care what fish they catch as long as they’re catching. Others only want fish they can legally keep, otherwise it’s a wasted trip. The key is knowing when you’ve got a keeper and not letting it go. 

30. Save It For A Rainy Day – Kenny Chesney

Save It For A Rainy Day sees Kenny Chesney leave behind all the negativity and find his heaven on a boat down by the bay. He’s been feeling down and the only way to cure it is to go fishing. 

31. Fishing In Our Soul – Jill’s Cashbox feat. Salt Strong

Fishing is a thing that gets into your soul, not just for how fun it can be when you’re hooked into a big fish, but also for the contentment it can bring. Fishing In Our Soul by Jill’s Cashbox describes the inner fisherman in all of us and is an anthem for slowing down and enjoying life. 

32. Fish In the Sea – Dustin Lynch

Everyone’s heard the phrase “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” but sometimes you just feel like one of those fish. 

33. River Bank – Brad Paisley

River Bank is a classic Brad Paisley song that’s all about enjoying a day on the river whether you’re heading out in a boat, going tubing, or fishing for supper from the banks. 

34. Huntin’, Fishin’, And Lovin’ Every Day – Luke Bryan

I believe I’ve said before that I am not a Luke Bryan fan and this song is one of the ones I detest the most. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t hugely successful or carry sentiments I like. In the grand scheme of fishing songs, Huntin’, Fishin’, And Lovin’ Every Day has to be on this list. 

35. Tackle Box – Luke Bryan

Fishing is more than a hobby or a sport. It’s one of the best ways to spend time with the people you care about most. If your family goes fishing much, it’s definitely a core memory for you. So, I finally found a Luke Bryan song I actually kind of agree with and don’t mind too much in Tackle Box.

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