10 Online Dog Training Classes for Every Breed, Age, & Skill Level

10 Online Dog Training Classes for Every Breed, Age, & Skill Level

Looking for the best online dog training courses? Look no further, as we have gathered a list of the top 10 online dog training programs to help you train your pup.

Whether you’re a pet owner or have a deep affection for dogs and wish to take your passion to a professional level, there is something here that caters to everyone’s needs.

These courses will provide you with all the skills you need to ensure that you and your pet can coexist peacefully, from teaching basic discipline commands and useful behavior tips to troubleshooting unwanted behaviors and developing rewarding connections with your pooch.

Top Online Dog Training Courses for Pet Owners and Professionals

1. The Million Dollar Dog Trainer: The Certified Trainer (CT) Course

The Million Dollar Dog Trainer

One of the best dog training courses available online, this program is quite beneficial. This course will teach you the basics of training a dog, which will enable you to start your own dog-training business or work for another dog trainer.

You will study problem-solving techniques, on and off-leash obedience training commands, and techniques for teaching manners in this course. As you advance, you’ll pick up on dog temperament tests as well as the ability to identify neurological and physical ailments and issues with owners.

This course, in itself, is an exhaustive library of many insightful books and professionally produced highly educational videos, put together to take your love for dogs a notch up to the professional level, and that too, lucratively.

Price: NA

Duration: Self-paced

Video: On-demand

Certificate: Available

2. Alison: Become a Professional Dog Trainer

Alison Become a Professional Dog Trainer

The goal of this free online dog training course is to arm you with the information, self-assurance, and dog training methods you’ll need to launch your own dog training business. The curriculum shows you how to manage undesired canine behaviors and interact with dogs in a language they can comprehend.

This course will lay a strong foundation for you to establish your dog training profession, from learning fundamental skills like how to stop a dog from jumping to resolving more complicated problems like separation anxiety, which causes needless barking, chewing, panting, and pacing when left alone.

Having said that, in addition to teaching you how to train dogs, this free online course also teaches you how to manage a successful dog-training business. By the end of this free course, you will have the dog training knowledge, confidence, and dog training methods you need to start your dog training business.

Price: Free

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: CPD Accreditation

3. Centre of Excellence: Dog Training Online Diploma Course

Centre of Excellence Dog Training Online Diploma Course

This thorough, insightful, and accredited online dog training course will provide you with a solid academic framework for how dogs think, learn, and behave. The course will provide you with a solid base for training your dog or providing professional dog training advice/consultation to others.

This course, an eight-unit online dog training curriculum, is jam-packed with crucial knowledge on canine behavior and training holistically. You’ll gain knowledge about how to interact with, work with, and understand dogs, as well as what they’re attempting to convey at all times.

The most troubling actions that dogs exhibit are usually the result of a lack of understanding. Each chapter is jam-packed with the most recent information on dog behavior, training, and how to interact with and discipline your dog.

Price: Paid

Duration: 150 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: Yes

4. Udemy: Become a Dog Trainer

Udemy Become a Dog Trainer

Do you think working with dogs is what you were meant to do? Does it seem like your calling? Would you like a career that is exciting, gratifying, and doesn’t feel like work, plus you get to assist dogs and pay the bills at the same time? Then you’ve discovered the perfect course!

With this program, one of the top online dog training courses, you’ll discover dog training techniques to understand and calm down a stressed-out dog and turn it into a happy and well-behaved pooch.

On top of that, this course also assures you a risk-free, satisfying learning experience with its 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a win-win!

Price: Paid

Duration: 5 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: Available

5. Canine Club Academy: Online Certification Course in Dog Training

Canine Club Academy Online Certification Course in Dog Training

This top online dog training program’s goal is to give you the knowledge and abilities needed to work as a canine care professional or a dog trainer. It concentrates on practical issues, including how to start your own business, get it off the ground, and be compensated for your work.

This course gives you the skills you need to become a recognized dog trainer and consultant. It is broken down into 14 instructive sections that cover important background material, fundamental and advanced dog training techniques, and how to launch your own company as a professional dog trainer.

Moreover, each module of this course is accompanied by quizzes, interactive projects, and assignments for you to assess your abilities and knowledge and give you hands-on practice with real-world problems and challenges.

Price: NA

Duration: NA

Video: NA

Certificate: CCA-CDT

6. Australian Online Courses: Certificate of Dog Psychology and Training

Australian Online Courses Certificate of Dog Psychology and Training

The Certificate of Dog Psychology and Training is a professional online dog training program that will provide you with the know-how and abilities needed to comprehend canine psychology and put effective obedience training techniques into practice.

You will learn about the history of canine evolution and the predictable and natural behaviors that dogs exhibit in this dog psychology course. Also, you will learn to identify canine signals, typical behavior problems, and the behavioral tendencies that dogs develop throughout their lives.

You will learn the skills needed to design effective training programs for pets and understand the demanding training needs of working dogs.

Price: Paid

Duration: 50 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: Certificate of Attainment

7. Animal Courses Direct: Diploma in Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour

Animal Courses Direct Diploma in Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour

All careers working with dogs require an understanding of canine behavior, including the ability to understand complex canine body language, identify and handle unwanted behavior, and prevent problems from occurring. This is true whether you want to become a professional dog trainer or you simply want to understand your pet better.

Learning about canine anatomy and physiology, training and behavior, the importance of exercise and nutrition, and how to conduct dog training courses are all significant topics covered by this course. You will be given a tutor when you enroll in this online dog training course, who will assist you the entire time.

Price: Paid

Duration: 361 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: Available

8. Victoria Stilwell Academy: Dog Trainer Course

Victoria Stilwell Academy

Whether you’re brand new to dog training or feel you have some gaps in your understanding of dog training and behavior, VSA’s flagship online dog trainer course will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to ensure a successful career as a dog trainer, expand your offerings as a pet industry professional, or simply elevate your understanding of how dogs think, feel, and learn.

VSA’s revolutionary learning system pairs each student with their own personal Faculty Advisor and offers the broadest, most engaging learning experience.

Moreover, you can also get your hands on free bonuses as add-ons in your package, including Free Dog Behavior Conference registration, a gift card, 2 Free VSA Fundamentals Course registrations and a free year of Positively TV.

Price: Paid

Duration: 100+ hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: VSA-Certified Dog Trainer designation

9. Coursera: The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Coursera The Truth about Cats and Dogs

This online dog training course from the University of Edinburgh will help you better understand the behavior of your dog and build stronger bonds with them.

You will learn about the many ways people interact with cats and dogs throughout the world and how those interactions have evolved in this course. The next step will be to learn how animals’ senses assist them in interacting with their environment, as well as how they communicate with one another.

This online course explores many scientifically validated techniques that can improve your relationship with your pet, make them happier, and make you a more knowledgeable and assured pet owner.

Price: Free

Duration: 16 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: Certificate of Completion

10. Skillshare: Train Your Dog Like a Pro: Lay a Foundation For a Happy Dog

Skillshare Train Your Dog Like a Pro Lay a Foundation For a Happy Dog

This online dog training program focuses on laying a solid foundation in basic obedience training, preparing for a Canine Good Citizen test, demonstrating good manners in their environment, and trick training.

You will explore multiple issues, tips, and methods for keeping your dog under control and content at all times. You’ll cover some of the top techniques that trainers use to train their dogs and how you may use them for training your pet. By the end of this course, you’ll get the hang of the 3 key components for effective dog training – good timing, consistency, and patience, and have a dog who is focused on you.

You’ll finish this course by creating a video in which you use these concepts in the setting of your choice. You may practice these new abilities in a public setting, on a simple obstacle course, or experiment with new ways to demonstrate your skills.

Price: Free

Duration: 16 hours

Video: On-demand

Certificate: NA


The best online dog training courses can provide all of the materials and technical support needed to help owners and professionals train various breeds of pups and dogs effectively. Each program offers a unique approach to learning by providing detailed guidelines on different techniques and helpful advice.

There are a variety of programs, so look into each course carefully and find the one that works best for you as well as your four-legged companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Dog Training Classes Good for Including on a Resume?

Yes, online dog training classes can and should be included in your resume. These courses will efficiently demonstrate that you are committed and have put effort into improving your own skill set for potential employers. A certification from one of these doggy schools proves an employer’s trust in their candidates’ skill set, while potential clients will be reassured by it too!

Do Online Dog Training Courses Come with a Certification?

While the majority of online dog training programs will offer some kind of certificate upon completion, several factors determine which course fits your needs the best.

Should I Train My Dog Myself or Get a Trainer?

There are many considerations when selecting whether to train your dog yourself or hire a professional trainer. The top online dog training classes and programs are worth checking into if you feel like training your puppy at home is your cup of tea. Hiring a certified, experienced canine behaviorist, however, may be the better choice to address more complex behavioral issues.

Are Dogs Happier if They Are Trained?

Training your dog is advantageous for both the dog and the owner since it instills a sense of balance in your furry companions, establishes clear structure and boundaries for them, and fosters a relationship of trust between you two. Hence, making use of the best online dog training programs would provide you more control over how you engage with puppies, making them healthier and happier.

Is Training Stressful for Dogs?

In a general context, training is, of course, not stressful for dogs; it is, in fact, the opposite of stressful. However, the best way to answer this question depends on how the dog reacts or responds during training sessions. Poor guidance or lack of experience and knowledge may result in increased stress levels for dogs.